Monday, September 1, 2008

thoughts from the beach

i spent labor day weekend in ocean city, and i have a few thoughts to share with my 2 or 3 loyal blog readers:

1. i'm forever done with drinking contests. my fellow beach-goers and i tried to see who could drink the most over the weekend. we had a scoreboard with stickers and everything. having gone at least 2 years without getting ill from alcohol, and having won the same contest on last year's trip, i got a little cocky this weekend and paid the price.

all but one of the stickers in my row came on friday night.

2. i often underestimate the power the ocean has over me. the moment i got to our condo, i dropped my stuff and went to the water, even though it must've been 1 a.m., and we'd been driving for at least 3-hours without a break. the sound of waves, the texture of sand, and the size and power of the ocean are things that will always amaze me.

3. musical artists on heavy rotation under my beach umbrella: dr. dog, santogold, the dodos, leonard cohen.

4. i have some amazing friends.

5. jell-o pudding pops are delicious.

6. kite-flying, boogie-boarding, and physical challenges - all awesome.


Andrew.G.York said...

Regarding thought 2: I didn't spend even a second in contemplation of nature! It also didn't occur to me that anyone else would. Good thing I read the blog.

lac582 said...

I miss my Delaware beaches so much. I know I'm close to the beach now but it's not the same.