Tuesday, September 16, 2008

song of the day - 9.16.08: toots & the maytals - 54-46 was my number

Apparently, 54-46 refers to the prison tag number "Toots" had when he was jailed in Jamaica. He may or may not have been in there for ganja. Wikipedia has let me down on this one. One thing's for sure, though: this song is an absolute classic, one of the defining songs of reggae and early ska, and one of my favorite listens when I'm in a good mood (ok, that's 3 things). It's got great sing-along-ability and head-bob-ability. They used this song in the opening credits of This Is England, a movie I'd definitely recommend. The contrast between the light-heartedness of this song and the depressing footage of the Falklands War in this opening sequence had me sold on the movie from the very beginning. Anyway, check it out, and "Give it to me one time ... HUH!"

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Andrew.G.York said...

Having only heard the Sublime version of this, it's good to know where it comes from. I've already replayed it like three times, good out-pointing.

Also, Deaf means you get your own language and can still socialize easily. Blind seems lonelier to me.

Can you tell I spend too much time on the internet as a way to avoid working on my damn thesis?