Thursday, June 25, 2009

song of the day - 6.25.09: gavin rossdale - forever may you run

I generally am opposed to bashing musicians I don't like, and haven't done so on my blog yet, because I think they deserve credit for pursuing a musical path at all, and it's not like I can do any better. But I just could not resist with Gavin Rossdale.

The other day, I was telling my roommate about the No Doubt show that I went to recently, which turned out to be quite a satisfying concert experience, even from the very back of the lawn at Nissan Pavilion. Somewhere in the conversation, we got to talking about Rossdale (aka Mr. Gwen Stefani), pondering what he was up to these days, since he certainly wasn't making music. We laughed.

Then, the very next day, surfing the music video section of my On Demand service, who's name should appear but the great Gavin Rossdale, former front man of 90s rockers Bush? I pressed "play", not knowing what to expect, and definitely not expecting what I actually saw.

The song is a forgettable rock ballad, but the video is an unforgettable masterpiece of ridiculousness. This is probably the best unintentionally-funny music video I have ever seen. I want to describe it more, but you should just watch it. Just know that I was disappointed when he did not turn into a wolf. Enjoy.

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willcwhite said...

eYikes. That takes me back to some of Chris Isaac's later works, but much more frightening. And what is with Dude's chest hair? The image is too small to really make out what's going on, but if that's natural, maybe someone in the costume department should have insisted on leaving his shirt in the ON position.

And I don't like the way he's looking at that wolf one bit.