Monday, September 15, 2008

avalanche (a poem... or song lyrics?)

[NOTE: I can't stand bad poetry. Hopefully, this isn't that bad, but I can't tell. I'm more nervous posting this than anything I've posted before, not because it's a particularly special poem to me, but because I don't want to be looked at as a dude that writes bad poetry.]


the man wants a dollar and five
and to make sure i'm alive.
candy aisle avalance; fluorescent sun.
somebody call 9-1-1.
i'm fine. i'm fine.
that voice sounds like mine.
ten would've done; had twelve just in case.
can't stop til the brain is erased.
snickers spell your name.
buzz goes up in flames.
pounding skull can't distract;
can't forget the simple fact;
never enough; never could be.
no idea where you hid that key.
i'm great now, as you can tell.
you're good too? that's swell.

1 comment:

lac582 said...

This reads more like song lyrics than a poem, actually (which is not a bad thing).

When I went to your site Blogger warned me I might be exposed to adult content and asked if I wanted to continue. How disappointing to find no porn.