Friday, November 28, 2008

song of the day - 11.27.08: maritime - guns of navarone

Maritime is kind of an indie supergroup, except the word "super" implies that the members were previously in well-known bands. If you consider The Dismemberment Plan and The Promise Ring well-known, you're probably a pretty devoted music fan. Maritime's original lineup featured two members of the Promise Ring, and Eric Axelson of the Dismemberment Plan. (D-Plan happens to be one of my favorite bands of all time, and I actually found myself dancing next to Axelson at Wonderland Ballroom last year, and I think he was surprised I knew who he was.) Both of the bands had broken up, and those three got together and made some good stuff. Axelson had already left the band by the time "Guns of Navarone" was written for their third studio album. I'm not sure what makes this song and the album it comes from (Heresy and the Hotel Choir) so appealing to me. The sound is poppier than I usually like, but they're just good, catchy tunes that deserve recognition for being so.

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