Monday, December 1, 2008

song of the day - 12.1.08: portishead - nylon smile

This Portishead track is sure to give you goosebumps. Beth Gibbons's ghostly whisper hitting all the right notes, the driving hand-drum rhythm, and the blips and moans of indistinguishable electronic and instrumental fills create a trance-like feel. It will transport you to a creepily beautiful landscape painted by three great musicians from Bristol. Enjoy the ride, readers. Enjoy.


Drew Tatusko said...

Just finished a listen of this album. I would characterize it as patient. It has similar sonic textures as NIN's Ghosts, but with a tip of the hat to an almost Laurie Anderson abstract. It was jarring to listen to the first time. Now I think I "get" it and feel better for it. Hunter might be my favorite track along with The Rip which is a fantastically bizarre video.

Eli said...

yeah, i really like that video. for anyone who hasn't seen it: