Thursday, January 8, 2009

song of the day - 1.8.09: frightened rabbit - the twist

"Song of the day" is back in full effect after a month of slacking! Ok, it wasn't all slacking. A lot of that month I spent working on my year-end top albums list and year-end compilation. While I was working on those, I came across a band I can't stop listening to these days: Frightened Rabbit.

I saw them on a top album list on eMusic, and the blurb said the album, The Midnight Organ Fight, was produced by the same guy who produced Boxer by the National. That was enough for me. I downloaded the album, and it's been on pretty constant repeat for the past month (along with Jay Reatard's 2008 Matador Singles). This album is a "go-to," to steal a term from roommate Ed. The one your fingers will navigate you to on your iPod without even thinking. It also ended up at #5 on my top albums list of 2008.

Today's song, "The Twist," is a good example of what's so awesome about this band. First of all, it's helpful to know that the whole album is basically the dude's reaction to a break up (as so many great albums seem to be). The genius of this album is the simple, catchy rock hooks, the singer's Scottish whimper of a singing voice, and the incredibly clever lyrics. He has a way with words, for sure. He's one of those song-writers that can really make you feel what he's feeling with his words. He uses lewd language and profanity really effectively too. He doesn't hold back. Here's a sample from this track:

Lets pretend I'm attractive and then
You won't mind, you can twist for a while
It's the night, I can be who you like
And I'll quietly leave before it gets light

So twist and whisper the wrong name
I don't care nor do my ears
Twist yourself around me
I need company, I need human heat
I need human heat

Oh, and guess what. DC folks are in luck. Frightened Rabbit is playing at the Rock & Roll Hotel on 1/19 for a mere $12! I will see you there.

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