Thursday, January 15, 2009

shameless pepsi ads

There are a lot of people making money off Barack Obama-related merchandise and marketing. Here's one particularly ambitious attempt. There are countless shirts, hats, and pins graced with his name or likeness. I don't particularly like it, but insomuch as it indicates a greater participation in and awareness of politics and government, I'm ok with it.

But there's a line. I walked out of the Metro at Union Station the other day to this sight: 
This is DC's train station, a landmark of the city, and it's plastered with Pepsi ads that blatantly capitalize on the Obama campaign's message of hope for this struggling nation and world. We are in the midst of the worst economic crisis in generations, coming off of eight years of the worst leadership this nation has seen, and we are on the verge of taking our first breath of some badly needed hope... and Pepsi has to stick its ugly corporate logo on it and cheapen the whole damned thing.

There's no "O" in "we" so Pepsi had to make a slight modification. Disgusting.


Amy said...

Reason 5,000,000 Coke is better. Particularly Diet Coke.

In all seriousness, it is sickening to see alllll of the marketing and shameless money scams. At least they're positive and cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Think of it this way, at least they're spending money and they're keeping the economy going.