Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amazing Feat

I accomplished something amazing the other night, something I doubt many people can claim to have done. I chipped a tooth in my sleep. That's right. I chipped one of my upper teeth with one of my lower teeth.... while sleeping. How, you ask? I wonder how myself. I must have made some sort of sudden movement in my sleep, perhaps something dream-related. I don't remember. I woke up to the disturbing sensation of something going terribly wrong in my mouth.

It was only a tiny chip, hardly noticeable, but I could feel the bits of tooth floating around my mouth. Few things make me cringe more than even the thought of my teeth cracking. I'm cringing right now, while I write this. (Cringe... I like that word. It sounds like what it means.) It's even more frightening to think that, since it happened once, it could happen again, and I have no protection against it. Basically, I could permanently fuck up my teeth in my sleep. What do I do? Wear a mouth-guard to bed? That's a quality-of-life sacrifice I'm not willing to make.

Ugh. I might as well get dentures now and get it over with.

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lac582 said...

I'm cringing too. What does your dentist say? Maybe you just need calcium or flouride or something to strengthen your enamel.