Friday, November 7, 2008

Concert Review: The Mountain Goats - 11.06.08 at the 9:30 Club

This was the third time I saw the Mountain Goats in the past year or so. The other two times, both at the Black Cat, were better shows for me. Not that John Darnielle and Co. did a poor job or anything. They are excellent showmen, and really do try to connect with their audiences. I just think they're much better suited for the more intimate setting of the Black Cat. 

For some reason, I was really tired and couldn't get pumped up for this show. Maybe it was the enormous "Educated Consumer" cheeseburger I had at DC9 before the show. Maybe I'm still drained from Election Week. Maybe my nightly sleep-deprivation is catching up to me. Whatever the reason, I managed to fall asleep for bits of this show. It's not the first time I've done that at the 9:30 club; I fell asleep at an Iron & Wine / Calexico show a few years ago, too, but the circumstances of that night (dramatic fight with GF, lullaby-like songs) made it more understandable, I think.

What I do remember between catching a few Zs was Darnielle being his normal self-depricating, hilarious self, telling long, ridiculous, dramatic stories leading up to his songs, then singing his heart out. He is one of my favorite performers to see, and I'm glad that he is back on his feet and touring. Last time I saw him, he hinted at some grave illness that would keep him out of action for some time. Well, it wasn't very long. I'm glad he's feeling better. Next time, just play at the Black Cat. Thanks! 

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