Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Russ Merva Emerges to Confirm His Ignorance

Shortly after the November 2008 elections, I wrote this post about Prop 8, and singled out a man named Russ Merva, who was pictured holding a sign in support of the successful (in that it passed) measure.

Well, Ol' Russ Merva Googled himself and found my post. He left a comment which is really worth reading if you ever wanted to be terrified at a person's stupidity. Here's what he had to say:

WOW- what a honor, I have a blog dedicated all to me!
Yes, I'm that guy on the picture, just for the heck of it I Googled myself and- Vuala! -here I am... and a blog... addressed to me. 
Well, I'll seize the moment and will try to answer some tough questions you're asking me, Eli.
Ready?! Here I come:

Even if gay marriage happens it will not last long, why you ask?
Well, because:
1) it is not natural, and as a result there are consequences, to start with: AIDS, and other freaky illnesses that follow this kind of lifestyle
2) there are many more reasons, but the main reason would be because... Yes Eli you guessed it(not that you guessed, but because you knew it deep inside..., where nobody sees or hears you, yeeees deep inside...) GOD will judge GLBT people from turning away from him.

Some things are true whether you believe or not, and God is True.

Up until 1963 or 64 American Psychiatric Association was considering Homosexuality a mental disorder, but then again because of threat of being murdered, poor doctors "switched" their minds and changed definition to a "love between two same sex partners".

Eli, I now that you are a smart man, needless to say confused - can I recommend you this site- http://www.conservapedia.com/Homosexuality.

Please don't get me wrong, I do wish you the best and may God open your eyes, so you don't end up..., therefore read it, there is a lot of good information.

May God save you.


Enlightened Human Being as you like to refer to yourself, let me enlighten you on what happened to society, empires if you will, that were (may I use this phrase again...- yes, thank you) Enlightened Human Beings that you are?
I'll be more specific: Great Empires like Greeks, Romans, Byzantine tell me Eli what happened to them?
Went down in ruins.



USA DESTRUCTION 101- Ignore your conscience, spit on morals.

I'm not going to respond to everything he says. What would be the point? He will in all likelihood die a bigot. Also, he didn't bother to answer the question of what the gays ever did to him, and why it's so important to him that his bigoted views be enforced on people he has nothing to do with.

I kind of feel bad for the man. He clearly has no capacity to think for himself, and to top it off, he probably sees the writing on the wall: Prop 8 was the turning point. Prop 8's passage was a devastating loss for truth, fairness, and justice, but America recognized it as such, and is not going to let it happen again. I'm sure it's been a bad few weeks for Russ, what with Iowa and Vermont joining Massachusetts in allowing gay marriage. Russ and his fellow willingly-ignorant Bible-thumping sociopaths, are losing this fight, and he must be pretty sad about it.

Here's a video that I think sums up the gay marriage debate pretty well. Watch it Russ! It's full of truth, unlike your Conservapedia article (which carries the laughable tagline: "The Trustworthy Encyclopedia"... HAAAAHAHA).


Amy said...

This is...impressively awful? Sad? Horrifying? Mind-numbing? All of the above. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Russ. If you're reading this, I suppose you are entitled to your opinion but please please please go back to school and learn how to write. Gods generally hate bad grammar(e.g. irrelevant parentheses drive them particularly potty mouthed). Everybody knows that. You shall be consigned to hell in a handcart until you know the difference between, 'now' and 'know'.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if u gays get your rights. You'll still rot in hell. You are sick sick ppl. It's disgusting beyond words.

ABW said...

I don't know what's worse, the fact that this all makes me laugh, or that people like Russ are actually backed by powerful conservative lobbyists with deep pocket$ who will get their biggoted agenda passed eventually.

"But the Bible says..."
"But the Bible says..."

F*ck that bull$hit.
The Bible is not the word of God. It is a book of instructions written by men way after Christ died for the purpose of creating a societal structure that could allow for some people to gain power and control over others and to preserve this "order" in the name of God (falsely).

And btw, Jesus himself preached: "let he who is w/o sin cast the first stone". I am very tired of hearing all these conservative whackjobs denounce gay rights and lifestyles when their own "opposite marriages" are less than ideal. Get your own life together first, and raise your own children to not hate before you waste your time criticizing others.

If you want to spout the true message and the entire point of what Jesus wanted for humanity, then reflect only on Jesus' simple wish:

unconditional love

If you cannot see the pure beauty of this concept, than you have no business calling yourself a follower of Christ, for you are only perverting his teachings in ways akin to the perversions of Islam, Judaism, and any other religion manipulated into violence in today's society.

And at that I say shame on you.
For if your Hell existed, your God would surely send you there for being a f*cktard.

[end of line]