Friday, October 3, 2008

song of the day - 10.3.08: delta spirit - trashcan

Delta Spirit opened for Dr. Dog when I saw them at IOTA about a month ago. I was pleasantly surprised. As if it wasn't sweet enough that I got to see Dr. Dog at such an intimate venue, I learned about a new band too.

These guys have a very classic rock, folksy kind of sound. Singer Matt Vazquez's voice reminds you of the nasal hollering of Bob Dylan. He also reminded me a little of Julian Casablancas of The Strokes in the way he can sing on pitch in a shouting voice. They're solid song-writers and instrumentalists, if unspectacular. Their Wikipedia page describes them as "Americana/soul," which is a good label for them, especially because of Vazquez's singing style.

"Trashcan" was their finale at the show I went to. Multi-instrumentalist Kelly Winrich actually beats on a trashcan lid with a drumstick through out the song. The steady, grooving piano part is also vital to the song, and to the band as a whole. But really, the highlight of this band, and of their live performance, is Vazquez. He can really belt 'em out.

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