Wednesday, August 27, 2008

music recommendation: dr. dog

i became aware of dr. dog through a mix cd from a girl i was dating who has since kicked me to the curb. i was none too happy about the dumping, but at least she introduced me to a good band. the philly-based fivesome's wikipedia page says they have five full-length albums, but i've only listened to their most recent one: fate.

my friend katie said that someone described the band to her as, "like the beatles, but better." that's taking the praise a bit far, but the comparison to the liverpudlian legends is not completely undeserved. they have a psychedelic pop sound that definitely borrows plenty from the fab four, but there are eleventy-billion other bands that you could say that about. but dr. dog are fresh and original in their take on rock and roll music. mixing frenetic piano riffs, simple but masterful guitar work, alternating bluesy and quivering-indie-y vocalists, unexpected melodic twists and turns, and appropriately psychedelic sound-effects, the group sounds like a farmhouse hootenanny from the 24th century.

key tracks on fate include "the breeze", a gentle acoustic diddy that grows into a harmony-filled mid-tempo groove, "the old days", a frenetic mashing of simple piano riffs and ironic, high-energy lyrics ("wrap up the money, save it for a sunny DAY DAY DAY") that's extremely catchy, and "the ark", a bluesy ballad with a funky baseline that alternately conjures CCR's raw emotion and the beatles' slick harmonies. there are no misses on this album, though, so just hit play and enjoy.

luckily for those of you in the d.c. area, dr. dog are coming to town to play a show at IOTA club in arlington on sept 5. seating is first-come-first-serve (no presale tickets). i will most certainly be there.


Lindsay said...

I was at that show. Despite some equipment troubles, it was glorious. They are so very, very good live, and their vibe of love and flat out joy just fills the room like no other band I've ever seen. It also helps that they are very nice guys. I had a long chat with drummer Juston and singer/guitarist Scott, and briefer ones with the other three fabulous gentlemen, and they're all wonderful humans.

I've already got tickets for a show in Philly in November (my 4th time seeing them), and I can't imagine they will do anything but make me love them all over again.

Eli said...

holy crap, i had no idea anyone other than a couple of my friends has visited my blog! you're not the girl who used her feminine wiles to get rid of that asshole are you?

i've also heard that dr. dog are wonderful humans, from a friend of mine whose friend is engaged to one of them. i'm sure that philly show will be terrific.